The Stefano Parrini work is inspired by the experience gained in the saddlery and jointly by his passion for travel and for moving in general. In fact the objects he produces are mainly backpacks, handbags, document and other artifacts useful for your daily commute to work or for pleasure, and for longer trips or hiking. Remaining faithful to the tradition of saddlery his works are completely made by hand and sewn with waxed linen thread, using only natural vegetable tanned leather. All metal parts are made of cast brass. The pursuit of harmony in forms and wearability from place to unique items of their kind, which in some cases require a few days of work for a single garment, getting extremely robust products designed to last over time. Completely bucking the throwaway culture that demeans the whole interaction between the object and its owner, in this case, backpack or purse become witness and memory of shared experiences, bear the marks, change over time and in turn retransmit the power that comes to their owner. It may sound crazy, but in our time in all cultures have always made mention of the power relations that are established between humans and the objects with which they surround and use every day. This is the philosophy of work by Stefano Parrini.