Leather school Florence
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Stefano Parrini was born in Florence in the early Fifties to a Florentine working-class family…. read more
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Time is like a seam

Date and event that are important for Parrini master.
In this year Stefano is degreed in secondary school and moved with family in south America.
More years later and more trips are pasted, his backgroud have token important information of technic that he will inspire for next years.
He come back in the Tuscany land where is grow up and here start to use all information about his pation working to mr. Vetturini e Cavalieri and learn more and more about leather. Start to do models and products original as trip bags and horse saddle.
In the end of 90′ Stefano is stopped to produce products because in Italy is changing market and request of people. So he is decided to close his design studio, No more people need horse saddle and leather bags.
Near 2005 he understand that something is changing and try to open a new laboratory where start to produce different product bat also with leather. He feel that wax, lino and leather are his skin.
Actually Stefano are a master of different accademy and college, he travel around the world to have conference and meeting for big company and big college. He say everytime that… “More is big the dream, more will be the sweat”

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